Saturday, July 31, 2010

Buganda kingdom cerebrates 17th Anniversary, Buganda News-Uganda

The kingdom of Buganda, which is by far the most prestigious kingdom in Uganda, is today cerebrating it’s 17th anniversary since the Kabaka was restored and enthroned as the king of Buganda. The cerebrations will be held in the Buganda county of Butambara which is also an instrumental one among the counties of Buganda especially in regard to the kingdom Kabakaship! In another development, the 17th anniversary is cerebrated on a sad note in remembrance of the past few events among which include the fires that gutted down the Kasubi Royal tombs which were part of instrumental tourist sites in Kampala and the  Kampala riots which were as a result of the government’s refusal of the Kabaka to visit the people of Bugerere, and which riots led to the closure of CBS radio station- the official radio station of the kingdom or call it the Kabaka’s radio as many prefer to call it. The kabaka of Buganda his highness Ronald Mwenda Mutebi II is out there to the public visiting his subordinates and encouraging them to work hard and has so far attended a polio vaccination event among other developments… keep hooked for more tourism news about Uganda Safaris and cultural tours.