Friday, January 15, 2016

Uganda to become a tourist hotspot in 2016 – CNN Travel - Uganda Safari News

Uganda has continued to grow as a holiday destination and a hotspot for many tourists. Lonely planet and National geographic have previous recommended the country as one of the best places one should visit for an African holiday and in December 2015, CNN listed Uganda among the top 16 up and coming tourist destinations for 2016.

Gorilla trekking continues to stand out as the key activity but that’s just one of the many activities
one can be sure to enjoy on a safari in Uganda. CNN’s Anna Shah sighted a visit to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee sanctuary where orphaned and rescued chimpanzees are habituated and visitors can go to watch or participate in the caregiver program. One of the thrilling facts about this visit is the ability to cross the equator on a boat while traversing Africa’s biggest fresh water body- Lake Victoria!

With 10 national parks, each with at least one unique feature, Uganda safaris should be top on your list of adventures, vacation and holiday ideas for 2016. Kibale forest national park presents an ideal location to see chimpanzees in their natural habitat and a great nature walk for nature lovers and birders alike.

Game viewing in both Murchison falls and Queen Elizabeth national parks is exceptional given the fact that these places are still largely virgin and less explored. A boat cruise in each of the parks also presents a great way to spend your afternoon with lots of game and bird viewing.
Uganda is home to more than 1000 birds including the rare shoebill and some rift valley endemics making it one of the sought-after birding safari destinations.

The Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) has in the recent past made efforts to boost Uganda tourism by inviting ex-Football club Barcelona players to market the country and that, coupled with the landmark pope’s visit in November 2015, has created a buzz about the country’s tourism potential.

With Uganda looking to achieve a middle income status in its vision 2040, tourism will be one of the key sectors and one can hope that the government does enough to develop the supporting infrastructure and maintain a peaceful atmosphere for the tourism industry to flourish.