Saturday, July 31, 2010

Buganda kingdom cerebrates 17th Anniversary, Buganda News-Uganda

The kingdom of Buganda, which is by far the most prestigious kingdom in Uganda, is today cerebrating it’s 17th anniversary since the Kabaka was restored and enthroned as the king of Buganda. The cerebrations will be held in the Buganda county of Butambara which is also an instrumental one among the counties of Buganda especially in regard to the kingdom Kabakaship! In another development, the 17th anniversary is cerebrated on a sad note in remembrance of the past few events among which include the fires that gutted down the Kasubi Royal tombs which were part of instrumental tourist sites in Kampala and the  Kampala riots which were as a result of the government’s refusal of the Kabaka to visit the people of Bugerere, and which riots led to the closure of CBS radio station- the official radio station of the kingdom or call it the Kabaka’s radio as many prefer to call it. The kabaka of Buganda his highness Ronald Mwenda Mutebi II is out there to the public visiting his subordinates and encouraging them to work hard and has so far attended a polio vaccination event among other developments… keep hooked for more tourism news about Uganda Safaris and cultural tours.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda are regarded as a dream safari destination for hiking adventure seekers taking an African safari for a mountain hike/ trekking challenge. Today, I will walk you through the Rwenzoris and clarify the current situation after an escalating need for information by tourists inquiring about the new route after the announcement UWA (Uganda Wildlife Authority) made about the glacier crack back in April which exposed the existing route, making it impossible for climbers to hike to the Margherita peak,-the highest point of the Rwenzori mountains (5,109 meters). Uganda Safaris

The truth: Yes, this is probably not the first blog or site that you have found such information, but the truth here is what you have been looking for and it has been missing! It is true, a new route to the Margherita peak was opened and it makes it easier than ever to climb to the peak in just 26 minutes! And this used to be 45 minutes before this route was discovered. I know now you are asking; what’s the name of the route? No, it has not yet been named but like the former, the latter also begins from a point called Omubutindo, where ladders had been placed on rocks to ease movement on the glacier.
Arrangements are being made for journalists to trek the route and collect all the details, from which a name for the new route to the Margherita peak will be announced and you will be one of the lucky ones to know it first if you keep checking back on this blog. By the way, I had decided not to blog on this, but since everyone has kept inquiring about it, I’ve dedicated my efforts to keep you posted where others have failed to fulfill!

What next? The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is also diversifying tourists’ experience on the Rwenzori trekking by opening up other routes on the northern and southern ranges to maximize trekking and viewing of scenic and breath taking landscapes of the Rwenzori mountain ranges.

Proof: To prove that the new route is already operational, we  had clients who had to do a 10 days trek and did it for only 9 days; they said the route was quicker and easier. What more?, read this interesting article about the Rwenzori Mountains

Note: remember to check back as I will be bringing you more clarification on this issue and more helpful tips for your Uganda safari. For example, next am going to take you through what it means when they tell you bed and breakfast in different East African Countries especially Rwanda! Don't fall victim, keep posted!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Buganda Tourism EXPO 28th June 2010- Uganda Cultural Tour

Come 28th June 2010, Buganda, one the greatest Uganda kingdoms will hold a tourism EXPO. Buganda kingdom is located at the “heart of Uganda” in Kampala which happens to be the country’s capital city and center of trade. Buganda possesses a strong political structure and clearly defined ministries headed by the kingdom ministers and the Buganda tourism ministry, led by Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, has partnered with Makerere University to ensure a successful week-long tourism EXPO that will run through to July.

Makerere University Department of Zoology led by Dr. Ann Acol, bears the responsibility of ensuring that all animals attached to the Buganda clans are available for the EXPO and a survey for the places where the animals are to be stationed for view has been made and attendants have been guaranteed that all Buganda animals will be available! The kingdom has also set up a separate museum dedicated to the king’s life and achievements which is deemed to boost the week-long event that will be characterized by great Ugandan food, culture and tremendous drama! Meanwhile, works are underway to ensure great accessibility to the site and exhibitors outside the Buganda kingdom and Uganda too are warmly welcome.

Well, you may have heard of, and attended different EXPOs around the world, but this one is exceptional!! Miss only if you can but I would bet you if it is anything less than captivating and a memorable event. The EXPO will be unveiled by her majesty Nnaabagereka, Sylvia Nagginda-the queen, on Monday 28th June 2010, and closed by the king his Royal Highness Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Anthrax Attach in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda.

Hippopotamus in Queen Elizabeth national park, the second largest National park in Uganda, have been attached by deadly anthrax. Anthrax is an acute disease that is caused by a bacteria and affects both humans and wildlife. The attach has raised fear over other wildlife and the communities around the park but UWA (Uganda Wildlife Authority)as the country's tourism regulatory body, is doing all that is in it's efforts to curb the disease! The communities around Queen Elizabeth NP have therefore been warned not to eat meat from any dead animals and to report all death's to Uganda Wildlife Authority. This way, we hope that the scourge will be contained as soon as possible since the Park plays a vital role towards Uganda tourism and is a neighbor to huge population.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is located in the western part of the country and is home to the big game including the Lion, Buffalo, Elephant, Rhino, Hippopotamus and a vast number of primates making it one of the best wildlife safari destinations in Uganda and has long been frequented by tourist on various Uganda Safaris.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Uganda Martyrs Day Namugongo Shrine-Uganda cultural tours

Today marks another yearly celebration of the Uganda martyrs at Namugongo shrine! 3rd June is the date when Christians in Uganda remember fellow believers who met their creator at the hands of a brutal Buganda king-Kabaka Mwanga II. The event dates back to 1985-87 after the demise of Kabaka Mutesa I, an untimely event that saw Mwanga II ascend to the Buganda kingdom's throne. Then was the time that Christianity had started digging it's roots deep within Uganda and the king felt like his powers were at a compromise when a page could not acquiesce his homosexual advances yet it was dogmatically perceived at the time that a king could live his life which ever way he wished and no subject was to differ from that!Hence a Luganda saying; Namunswa alya kunswaze !! On this date every year, Namugongo shrine is flocked by statesmen and more renowned celebrities from different angles to cerebrate the martyrs day event and the country's president is always present whenever he can.

You may be wondering why Namugongo; that is the place where twenty six (26) Christians were executed on 3rd June, 1986 for failing to denounce Christianity and pledge total royalty to the king as the order had been issued by Kabaka Mwanga II in may. The execution marked the climax of the Uganda martyrs and the last Uganda martyr was beheaded at Mengo on Jan 27, 1887

Facts about the Uganda Martyrs.

A total of 45 martyrs were executed over the years and that is only the number that is known
The Uganda martyrs faced horrific executions including spearing, guillotine and burning-a very poignant memory indeed!
Namugongo martyrs shrine has become a traditional Ugandan heritage and is now a reckoning force in the country's tourism sector as an ad on activity to Kampala city tour, Uganda cultural tours, and other Uganda safaris and a major inspiration to the believers.

observation: People spend month's on their journey from upcountry and the neighboring countries walking on foot up to this place with faith and a demonstration of their love for Christ!
**** More often than not, there are showers or a few rain drips at-least, on every martyrs day celebrations in Uganda! And rain is taken for a blessing in Uganda and Africa in General!

Happy martyrs day to all Ugandan Christians and to every one that sympathizes with the event and may you have all the day's blessings!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Winners for the 14 major categories including "Best Safari Property in East Africa", "Best Safari Property in Africa", "Best Tourist Board", "Best Safari Accommodation Group in Africa", "Best Community Safari Property", "Best Safari Property in Southern Africa", "Best Beach Safari Property in Africa", "Best Ecological Safari Property in Africa", "Best Safari Hotel in Africa" and "Best Safari Spa in Africa" categories among others were revealed and awarded a few weeks back in the Good Safari Guide annual ceremony that was held in South Africa at Hilton, Durban on Friday 7th May 2010 (the evening before INDABA started) at 7.00 pm.
The event took place well ahead of the INDABA tourism trade show that took place in South Africa as well and was graced by a number of renowned travel professionals and experts and saw a number of performers in Africa’s tourism sector recognized and rewarded for their efforts. A good number of winners came from South Africa after the country’s tourist board emerging as the best tourist board in Africa following their efforts in the campaign bringing the 2010 world cup to the African continent for the first time in the history of the tournament-commencing June 11th, and undoubtedly, that makes them the best tourist board in its right! And Kenya followed as runners up-a good image for Kenya Safaris and East Africa tours, followed by Zambia in the third place.
The Good Safari Guide ceremony witnessed sad moments as Primrose Havelock Stobbs won the lifetime achievement award for her contributions to the African Safari and tourism sector for the many years of help while she stayed in Kenya as a long-term resident, while she had succumbed to a long term illness three weeks to the event!! The awards were decided by a panel of respected experts within the travel, tourism and safari industry including travel agents and tour operators.
Here is the list of the Main winners prestigious Good Safari Guide annual ceremony;
Category/ award.
South Africa
Best Tourist Board
Elsa's Kopje of Cheli and Peacock
Best Safari Property in EA &Africa
Cheli and Peacock
Best Safari Accomm Group in Africa
Loisaba Lodge
Best Community Safari Property
Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge
Best Safari Hotel in Africa
Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge
Best New Safari Property in Africa
Chui Lodge
"Travellers' Choice Best Safari Property in Africa".
And many more. (Go to for a complete list.
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